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*** Gravity of Grace ***

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Gravity of Grace

Johnsmith Spring 2014 Newsletter

Hello everyone, John here freshly back home from a month-long songwriting workshop at the Esalen Institute near Big Sur CA. I must say it was sweet to soak in some sun along the blue Pacific. As many of you know, it’s been the most brutal winter here in Wisconsin that I can ever remember. I love the chance to help put new budding songwriters on the path of telling their stories and truth in song.

Johnsmith 2009 Spring News

Hello folks.

Hello Everyone, long time no hear from me it seems. I hope 2009 is off to a good start for most of you. It's been a big family year so far. Birth and Death have visited our lives since the new year. Jan 10th our daughter Elisi ( ee lee see) gave birth to a 7lb 7 oz baby girl, Juni Rae Waller. What an amazing couple of days, it was a very long birth and my wife Jo and I were blessed to be there along with Elisi's husband Tim and a couple of midwives. We are totally smitten with little Juni.