Johnsmith is one of those artists so often under-recognized – he possesses a genius that cannot be denied, ignored, or overlooked. For the past thirty-plus years, Johnsmith has been sharing his music all across America and abroad. He has become a favorite at festivals, clubs, and house concerts alike. In addition to being a Kerrville New Folk Winner, Johnsmith has released eight solo CDs to rave reviews, leads musical tours to Ireland, teaches songwriting, and has served as a staff songwriter in Nashville.

With his faded jeans, his twinkly blue eyes, and his infectious smile, John immediately connects with audiences. You get the sense of a man who loves his life, his family and friends, and who loves nothing more than sharing that love in song and stories all across this land.







The new Ginkgo CD



Ginkgo is Wisconsin singer-songwriter Johnsmith’s 8th solo CD. 13 new original songs ranging from the insightful Fallow Season to the moving title track Ginkgo. From the fun ‘talkin’ blues’ Lucky Duck, to his strong belief in nature in the powerful song, The Medicine. This new CD finds John’s songwriting skills reaching a new depth in the art of combining craft and heart. 
Co-produced with long time friend Tom Prasada-Rao. Featuring guitar, dobro, banjo, violin, upright bass,  with harmony vocals by John’s daughter Elisi Smith-Waller and long time partner Dan Sebranek. 

~ We know Johnsmith and his music here on the West coast of Ireland .. we love how he draws us in with his stories as great songwriters always do. Troubadours have always been part of the Irish landscape and John Smith brings us up to date with what we love. ~
Eoin O’Neil - Clare FM radio

~ On his new CD Ginkgo, Johnsmith sings of dancing in an Irish cottage "On that old flag floor, polished and beautifully worn." That line applies as well to John's songs here, which are carefully crafted and polished, but feel very lived in, quite beautifully worn. John sings of the triumphs and setbacks of everyday life, from home baked bread to a pair of nesting bald eagles to growing old to losing a new friend. These songs touch my heart. I think they will touch yours as well. ~ 

Bob McWilliams - Kansas Public Radio


~ I just want to say that I've listened to John's new CD, "Ginkgo," and I'm overwhelmed by how wonderful it is.  Incredible songs, great production--such a wonderful early holiday gift! ~

Wanda Adams Fischer - folk radio DJ


John's preferred method is for you to buy the CDs directly from him by emailing him at  and we will send you an email invoice that can be paid with a credit card.   Please include the number of CDs you want and your address.  

Price is $15 for 1 CD plus $1 shipping.  

For big savings you can buy multiple CDs: 2 for $27, 3 for $38 etc.

Or you can send a check to:

24721 2nd St.
Trempealeau, WI 54661

 "John Smith's songs always move me. They make me laugh, cry, dance or just sing along. He is one of the most consistent writers of quality songs that I've ever met."

Lydia Hutchinson, Editor, Performing Songwriter Magazine

"When I first heard John Smith my attention was captured by his sweet, earthy voice and fine craftsmanship, but what drew me in was his heart. It's clear that he's lived the pain in his songs and that his optimism is hope born of wisdom. That's a rare thing and a gift to all who hear him."  

Tom Kimmel

“He is one of those really pure hearted people that isn’t wasting any time on the cool factor, he gets there by virtue of his integrity.”  

Frank Goodman

 "I feel like every time one of your songs gets heard a little healing happens to the world. And we need all of that we can get, that's for sure."  

Buddy Mondlock