Moab Folk Camp Sept. 29 - Oct 3

We offer  a supportive environment where you can experience the joy of making music and learning new skills in a caring community.

2017 Classes will include
 Songwriting • Beginning Guitar •  Swing  Guitar •  Theory for Guitar  • Sing Your Heart Out
• Ukulele  • Mandolin • School of Rock for Folkies • Performance   
Outdoor Art • Sunrise Photography

SummerSongs Camp

Join us July 23-29, 2017 for the 19th annual SummerSongs songwriting camp, where we will explore aspects of song-writing, music, singing & performance.

Learn from nationally-known artists, attend workshops & concerts, network, perform, share songs, collaborate, jam, and relax at a beautiful summer camp in Stony Point, NY.

Enjoy the best “camp food” you’ve ever had – organic farm-to-table! Classes will include songwriting, song arranging, performance/stagecraft, harmony singing, co-writing, guitar, keyboard, creative process and more – and you’ll have many opportunities to share your music in song circles, coffeehouses, concerts, and feedback sessions.  So come unleash your creativity and join the musical family at SummerSongs!







Songwriting from the Heart—Progressing on the Journey
November 5 - 10, 2016 at Esalen Institute



Come take your seat among other songwriters as we work to refine our songwriting tools. We will go beyond the basic nuts and bolts of the craft, working to take our skills to the next level. Get ready to develop the ability to translate our own life stories into well-crafted, heartfelt songs. Through writing exercises, song assignments, performances, co-writing, and demonstrations, the inner muse will be coaxed and cultivated. In a safe, supportive, fun workshop climate, we’ll share and receive constructive feedback on our works in progress.




Legacy Group - Songsmithing:

Opening the Creative Channel 

Month of January 14 - February 11 , 2018



If your life was a song, what would that song be? If you told the story of your heart, what story would you tell? Discover your authentic singing and songwriting voice through creative exercises, prompts, and assignments. We will focus on opening the creative heart and bringing forth the music and stories that dwell there. All are welcome; no prior songwriting experience is needed.

With a mindful and playful attitude, we will invite the stunning natural beauty of the Big Sur coast, its healing waters, and the spirit of Esalen to work its magic on us as we immerse ourselves into creative flow. Within the safe container of the group, everyone will be invited to delve into the deep work that only creative play allows.

Johnsmith has led work scholar programs and workshops at Esalen since 2006. His transformational offerings help students reach deeply inward to bring forth their truth and story in well-crafted songs. Johnsmith always brings along his infectious, curious, fun-loving otter spirit to his work...or play, one might say. We will use journaling, movement, meditation, co-writing, solo and group singing, impromptu jams, and performance — for ourselves and the Esalen community. Playing a musical instrument is not necessary, but you are welcome to bring one if you play. We will cultivate a fun, dynamic, and safe place to experience our creative selves. John will also be inviting guest artists and staff to assist during the month.


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